A Cursed Inheritance

The brutal massacre of the Harford family at Potwoolstan Hall in Devon in 1985 shocked the country and passed into local folklore. And when a journalist researching the case is murdered twenty years later, the horror is reawakened. Sixteenth century Potwoolstan Hall, now a New Age healing centre, is reputed to be cursed because of the crimes of its builder, and it seems that this inheritance of evil lives on as DI Wesley Peterson is faced with his most disturbing case yet.

As more people die violently, Wesley needs to discover why a young woman has transformed a dolls house into a miniature reconstruction of the massacre scene. And could the solution to his case lie across the Atlantic Ocean, in the ruined remains of an early English settlement in Virginia USA?

When the truth is finally revealed, it turns out to be as horrifying as it is dangerous.


"A Cursed Inheritance is an excellent mystery. As always, Kate Ellis's plots keep the reader riveted to the very end." - Mystery Women

"Kate Ellis skilfully weaves crimes of past and present into a seamless narrative... The plotting is intricate and the finale totally unexpected. An agreeable mystery." - Gerald Kaufman, The Scotsman

"The plot twists and turns to its dramatic conclusion" - Bolton Evening News

"An ingenious plot. For anyone who loves the traditional, elaborate English mystery, Ellis has produced a must-read. Expect her to feature in future awards lists." - Tangled Web

"The guesswork goes on until the end in the latest of this excellent series." - The Good Book Guide

"This is a fascinating mystery. All the books I have read by Kate Ellis have been good, but this one is particularly absorbing. Highly recommended." Mystery Women review of Soundings Audio edition.

First published 2005 by Piatkus

Hardback ISBN 978-0749907259
Paperback ISBN 978-0749936068
Also available in Soundings Audio Book ISBN 1845592867

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