A (very belated) Happy New Year to everyone.

It’s always hard to start work again after all the excitement of the Christmas break but I needed to continue writing the first draft of my next Wesley book so I got to work as soon as New Year was over. I’m pleased to say that the first draft is now finished but that’s only the beginning of the process. There’ll be at least five more drafts of the book before I allow anybody to see it and the whole thing will probably change drastically between now and then. I’ve already changed my murderer once and, who knows, the guilty party may change again if I think it’ll make the book more intriguing and enjoyable. I have a golden rule of crime writing – if I begin to be bored with a book it’s a fair bet my readers will be too which means everything must be altered and polished until I’m happy that it’s going to keep everyone guessing to the end.

Keeping track of the plot and characters and making everything believable takes a lot of concentration and it’s always good to take a break – the trouble is it’s too easy to be lured away by the temptation of socialising. Probably one of the main characteristics a writer needs is self discipline!

When I haven’t been writing I’ve been busy organising events for later in the year. I’m looking forward to speaking in Warrington on 13th March and I’ll be at CrimeFest in Bristol in May. I’m on two panels there this year (one of which I’m moderating) and it’s always great fun to meet both readers and fellow authors there. To see what I’m going to be up to in 2019, please look at my events page.

I’ve kept my big news till last – on 4th February my 23rd Wesley Peterson mystery DEAD MAN’S LANE was published. I’ve just realised it’s my 30th published novel which is cause for great celebration. It certainly doesn’t seem twenty years since THE MERCHANT’S HOUSE was released into the world and I still enjoy writing as much now as I did then!

I celebrated the hardback release of DEAD MAN’S LANE with a book signing at Altrincham Waterstones and I’d like to thank Nick, Jarred and the staff there for making me so welcome. I do hope all my readers enjoy Wesley’s latest case which features the former home of an artist turned murderer and a strange tale of the ‘walking dead’.