May I just start by wishing everyone a very happy New Year (although the Festive Season seems a distant memory now).  2015 got off to a terrific start when THE DEATH SEASON was published (in hardback and e-book) on New Year’s Day itself.  I’m really delighted to learn that readers are enjoying it. 


January means back to work and I’ve just been going through the proofs for the next Joe Plantagenet book WALKING BY NIGHT (out in March)  I’m also working on the next Wesley Peterson novel (provisionally entitled THE HOUSE OF EYES).  One secret I can reveal is that there might be some Sicilian sunshine in the next book – but that’s all I’m saying for the moment.

2015 is shaping up to be a busy one.  My diary’s already getting full and I’ll put all the events I’m taking part in on this website as soon as everything’s confirmed.

A lot of people I meet at events ask me where I get my ideas from.  It should be a simple question to answer but, the fact is, the whole process tends to be rather nebulous.  Ideas can come from anywhere – watching TV, reading the newspaper, talking to friends, overhearing conversations...and all sorts of ideas and thoughts crowd in when I’m half awake first thing in the morning.  I suppose the knack is to know what’ll work in a novel and what won’t.  I always keep loads of notebooks scattered around the house so if I have a likely idea, I can scribble it down before I forget it (and I always do unless it’s written down).

Anyway, hope everyone continues to enjoy THE DEATH SEASON.