Time’s passed so quickly since I last wrote this diary. I don’t know whether it’s a sign of incipient old age or because I’ve been so busy what with one thing and another.

In the middle of June I visited Middlesbrough Library to present my Murder Mystery, Death at the Dig, and a good time was had by all (with plenty of laughs and some wonderful, Oscar-worthy acting by the library staff). Since then I’ve been busy planning more events, including several book signings at branches of Waterstones to celebrate the paperback launch of THE HOUSE OF EYES – it’s out on 4th August!


 An evening of fun at Middlesbrough Library


I’ll be going down to Devon in early September where I’ll be presenting my new Sicilian Murder Mystery, Murder in the Lemon Grove, at Dartmouth and Salcombe libraries. It’s always great fun to do events in the places my books are set. I’m also doing a book signing at the excellent Torbay Bookshop at lunchtime on Friday 9th September so if you’re in the area do pop in to say hello.

After Devon I’m up in the North East for library events in Newcastle and Gateshead. I loved my trip up there last year so I’m really looking forward to it. As well as this I’m arranging more library talks for the autumn so please keep an eye of my events page for the latest news.

As far as writing’s concerned, the copy edit for The Mermaid’s Scream is now complete and the next stage is going through the proofs when they arrive. I’ve already started on my next Wesley Peterson novel (well, why wait if you have a good idea bursting to get out onto the page?) and, so far, it’s going well.

The thing I’m most excited about, however, is the publication of A HIGH MORTALITY OF DOVES in November. My editor has sent proof copies out to several well known authors and I’m delighted to say the verdicts and quotes that have come back are absolutely fantastic. I’m really thrilled with the response and feel that this is a very special book, written from the heart and inspired by some old letters I found when my father died. I’m trying to arrange a book launch at the moment so watch this space for details.