Hello again and many apologies for neglecting this diary over the past month and a half. The truth is, May was hectic because A High Mortality of Doves came out in paperback and this meant I spent a lot of time out and about celebrating.

On publication day itself I visited two libraries in Lancashire – Bolton and Bury – where I spoke to lovely audiences who were happy to celebrate with me! The next few weeks saw me signing copies of my books at two Waterstones stores nearby and then a visit to Didsbury Library and talks to local groups. After all this I attended CrimeFest in Bristol which was very enjoyable. I moderated a panel on historical crime and took part in another on ‘scaring your readers to death’ which was great fun (with sound effects provided by our wonderful moderator Elly Griffiths!).

After CrimeFest came a lovely (crime-free) break in Vienna with friends – it’s a wonderful city and I heartily recommend it to anyone who loves history, music, art . . . and cake!

Then last weekend I took part in Alibis in the Achives at Gladstones Library in Hawarden near Chester. I’ve heard a lot about this fantastic residential library but I’ve never visited before and it turned out to be a real treat. The library itself is beautiful and it was great fun speaking there and presenting a murder mystery which paid tribute to the ‘golden age’ of crime fiction.

GladstonesLibyS GladstonesKateS 

There’s just one problem with doing all these events and that is that it’s hard to get any writing done. However, I have managed to begin the follow up to A High Mortality of Doves (the first in a trilogy). At the moment what I’ve written is very much a first draft and not fit for anyone to see but at least I’ve made a start.

Next week I’m returning to my home city of Liverpool to take part in Liverpool Noir at Waterstones, Liverpool One with fellow compatriots Barry Forshaw, Lucca Veste, David Jackson and Robert Ryan. It should be a good night.

One good piece of news is that I’ve made the shortlist for the Dagger in the Library and the winner will be announced shortly. Fingers crossed!