Seeking The Dead

With trembling fingers that could hardly form the letters the killer continued the list. It had to be finished. There would be more work to do....

When Carmel Hennessy begins a new job in North Yorkshire, she finds the historic city of Eborby gripped by fear. A killer is on the prowl who binds and asphyxiates his victims before leaving their naked bodies in isolated country churchyards. The press are calling him the Resurrection Man.

Tragic events from the past link Carmel with DI Joe Plantagenet, who believes the case may have occult connections. Then Carmel becomes aware of a malevolent presence in her flat and when she starts to receive mysterious threats, it is Joe she turns to first. And that is when Joe is forced to get into the mind of a cunning - and scarily ruthless - killer.

The first book in an exciting and spooky new series featuring DI Joe Plantagenet.


"Ellis is a canny guide through an olde-world web of "snickleways" & "fleshambles" and controls the points of the murder mystery as well as anyone in the genre. Best read beneath the duvet on dark winter nights with the blustering rain hissing on the windows." -The Big Issue

"Extremely enjoyable and well written. I found myself hooked very quickly." - Reviewing the Evidence

"A story that grips with both hands from the first page. I couldn't put it down....a combination of pacey plot, a highly readable style, plenty of human interest and a whiff of the exotic... More please." -

"As the novel races towards a gripping conclusion, unexpected parallels...distort perceptions and keep the reader guessing. Fusing ghost story with crime thriller, the macabre tone of the novel adds depth to a thrilling and intricate plot." - Cheshire Style

"A marvellous first book in a new series. The mystery kept me guessing to the end and I was so enthralled that I sat up into the early hours to finish it, and then I was too scared to turn off the lights and go to sleep. Highly recommended." - Mystery Women

"This is really good story telling which will have you engaged till the very last page." - I Love A Mystery (U.S.)

First published 2008 by Piatkus

Hardback ISBN 9780749908614
Paperback ISBN 9780749909352

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