A Perfect Death

When a woman is burnt to death in Grandal Field in Devon, it seems like a case of mistaken identity - until DI Wesley Peterson learns of a legend about a French woman who burnt to death in that very spot in the thirteenth century. And when he discovers that records of a previous archaeological excavation on the site have vanished, and that two archaeologists involved in that dig died in tragic circumstances, Wesley starts to investigate the possibility of a link between the legend and recent events.

But edging closer to the truth brings unexpected danger to Wesley, for the truth echoes a story of twisted love and obsession from many centuries ago - a truth that someone wants to keep hidden, whatever the cost...


"Ellis has a way of commanding attention through her writing; it is in the short, shaprness of time and language and the prepossessing nature of of her characters. No one can dispute that she has honed her skill at whodunits." The Truth about Books

First published 2009 by Piatkus

Hardback ISBN 9780749909109
Paperback ISBN 9780749909260

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