Who feels like working in a heatwave? Well I don’t for a start but when you’ve got to get a book finished and sent off to your publisher you have to grit your teeth and put the electric fan on! The good news is that I’ve now sent off my twenty third Wesley Peterson novel today (entitled Dead Man’s Lane) so now it’s time to catch up with a few of the things I’ve been neglecting . . . like this diary.

A few days after returning from a marvellous trip to Granada in June (I think I must have brought the weather back in my suitcase!) I travelled to Neston on the Wirral to present my Murder Mystery, Murder in the Lemon Grove (set in sunny Sicily and originally written to celebrate my Sicily based Wesley Peterson novel The House of Eyes). It was a fantastic evening, mainly due to the talents of Ian Anstice and his fellow actors who entered into the spirit of things with gusto (as you can see below). For the first time the library even provided a victim (shrouded under sinister sheets) which caused great hilarity all round. Many thanks to all who took part and made it such a memorable evening.


The week after that I was on a (more serious) panel at Lymm Festival in Cheshire with the excellent Sarah Ward and Martin Edwards, discussing crime fiction both past and present. We each spoke about our favourite Golden Age crime writer and I opted for Josephine Tey whose brilliant and very individual novels (unfortunately there were only eight) are still among my favourite reads.


Speaking of crime fiction and Josephine Tey, leads me on to a production I saw recently of Shakespeare’s Richard III (The Daughter of Time, seeking the truth about Richard’s reputation, is probably Tey’s most famous book) at the new ‘pop-up’ Rose theatre in York (http://www.shakespearesrosetheatre.com/). As soon as I heard about the reconstructed Elizabethan theatre I had to get tickets so I went and thoroughly enjoyed the modern-dress performance. It was a warm evening and a lovely atmosphere (there was even a Shakespeare village surrounding the theatre). The theatre’s there till 2nd September so do go along if you can. Myself, I grab every opportunity to visit lovely, historic York (where my Joe Plantagenet books are set) and I must add that York Waterstones has some early paperback copies of THE MECHANICAL DEVIL, signed by me. Grab them if you can.


THE MECHANICAL DEVIL paperback is officially out on 2nd August and I’ll be at Stockport Waterstones signing copies on Saturday 4th August (11am – 1.30pm) and at Wilmslow Waterstones on Saturday 11th August (11am – 3pm). Do come along and say hello! You can find a review of THE MECHANICAL DEVIL at https://promotingcrime.blogspot.com/2018/07/the-mechanical-devil-by-kate-ellis.html.