We are living in very strange times. Just a few weeks ago I was looking forward to a year of events and conferences where I could meet readers (not to mention a couple of holidays) but things haven’t turned out quite as planned. The events have all been cancelled and the entire population is on lockdown.

I expected this to be a time when I could really focus on writing but instead I’m finding it hard to concentrate. Perhaps it’s the constant worry that family and friends will fall victim to the dreaded virus or perhaps it’s the disruption of routine and lack of leisure time to look forward to. I’m not really sure but I know that other writers I’ve been in touch with are feeling the same. It just shows that uncertainty doesn’t help the creative process.

In the meantime I’m trying to rewrite the 70,000 words of the rough partial draft I’m working on (the next Wesley Peterson book) and trying to stay cheerful.


My main writing news is that THE BURIAL CIRCLE was published last month. It was inspired by a talk given to the archaeology group I belong to about industrial archaeology. Also my husband volunteers at a nearby National Trust property, Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire (run by the National Trust) so I was able to do some first hand research (especially about the possibility of a body being caught up in a water wheel). My research also threw up a lot of fascinating facts about Victorian ‘burial clubs’ and their murderous possibilities. Here’s a quick precis of what to expect:

On a stormy night in December a tree is blown down on a Devon Farm. When the tree is dragged away, a distinctive red rucksack is found caught up in its roots – and next to it is a human skeleton. 

The discovery revives memories for DI Wesley Peterson, memories of a young hitchhiker who went missing twelve years before. The missing girl had been carrying a red rucksack so suddenly the cold case becomes red hot.

 Meanwhile in a nearby village of Petherham, a famous TV psychic is found dead in suspicious circumstances. Wesley’s friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, is studying Petherham’s ancient mill and uncovering the village’s surprisingly sinister history. Neil’s revelations make Wesley wonder whether a string of mysterious deaths in Petherham over a hundred years ago could be linked to the more recent killings.

 When Wesley digs deeper into the case it seems that dark whisperings of a burial circle in the village might not be merely legend after all. And as he tracks down a ruthless killer he finds that deadly danger lurks in the most unexpected places! 

the burial circle

I do hope you enjoy reading THE BURIAL CIRCLE (and that it helps to take your minds off the current crisis!)

Take good care of yourselves. We can only look forward to this being over so life can get back to normal!